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Grenfell inquiry: safety tests on cladding called into question – live updates

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Tributes will be paid to more of the 72 people who died in the firePortraits of all those who died in Grenfell Tower 11.39am BST Tony Disson’s eulogy from his son Lee reads like a chapter from a bygone era: father and son outings to the football, camping trips, holidays at the chalet on the Isle of Sheppey.
His children from his second marriage reinforce the impression: this was a man who lived for his boys, loved watching them box, took great pride in their achievements, an old-style family man.
This is something we have heard repeatedly about the fathers of Grenfell tower. Hard working manual workers most of them, who did what they did to get their children everything they needed. As Tony’s son Charlie said, he wasn’t a rich man but he was generous with his love. 11.31am BST The manufacturer of the combustible insulation on Grenfell Tower has announced it is urgently investigating whether samples which were used for safety tests had added fire retardant in them.

Celotex, which made the synthetic foam insulation fitted in the 2016 refurbishment, said it was “investigating this allegation via all avenues as a matter of urgency”.

Combustibility tests in laboratories are relied on by architects and builders to ensure buildings meet fire safety regulations. But on Monday night, BBC’s Panorama alleged that the company used a different formula of the product, with more fire retardant in it that that which was used on Grenfell, when they ran tests on it to generate a safety certificate.Celotex declined to comment immediately after the programme was broadcast, but responded on Wednesday morning saying that “Prior to Panorama raising this, we were unaware of this allegation and had not identified anything which would support it.”

It has not denied the allegation and said that in tests since the Grenfell disaster which claimed 72 lives last June, it had not used any special formulation.
It said:
Celotex has not used any special formulation for the recent successful BS-8414 system test in May 2018 or Class 0 fire testing. It is very hard to understand the Panorama allegation alongside those tests.We must look at how a lax regulatory system created an environment where the Grenfell Tower disaster was allowed to happen. As this investigation proves the current regime of regulation and testing of materials used in the construction industry has been shown to be a complete and utter failure.
The current management of Celotex are absolutely determined to do the right thing. That means cooperating fully with the inquiry and other official investigations, and sharing with them all relevant material. We will continue to provide updates as appropriate. As the first anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire approaches, we continue to express our deepest sympathies to the families of all those who lost their lives in the fire and to everyone who was and remains affected by it. Continue reading...

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